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Support Workers

Rehabilitation Support Workers

We have dedicated Rehabilitation Support Workers who are employed by A Chance for Life.  These highly trained and experienced staff work with a variety of clients helping with all aspects of their care plan to ensure they reach their full potential.  Please call us to discuss your requirements on 01768 891709.

For further details, please download our brochure: 161014 Rehabilitation Support.pdf 

Individual Support Packages

For a client who requires care and support we recognise that developing and managing a package of support can be the most crucial role of a Case Manager. Support Workers are integral to the rehabilitation process and A Chance for Life has considerable experience in directing such staff.

We currently assist a number of clients who directly employed their staff and can assist a client at any stage of the employment process. For example:

• Creating job descriptions

• Advertising

• Interviews and selection of staff

• Training

• Day to day management

• Supervision

• Payroll

The cost of this service varies according to the level of expertise of the support staff, the exact job description and the geographical area in which the client lives. Please contact the Penrith office on 01768 891709 to discuss your requirements.

Care Co-ordinator

We have a dedicated Care Co-ordinator who works under the direction of the Case Manager to help with the implementation of support to each of our clients.

The Care Co-ordinator supports teams and team leaders, ensuring employment law and care standards are achieved across the company.