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Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I live in Carlisle Cumbria with my 8 year old border collie who thinks she’s a human and have a partner who lives in Cheshire (who is a human!).  We all love to go mountain climbing, walking and camping and try to get out as often as possible.  My passion is working with people, meeting new people and Disney films!

I’ve just finished digging out my garden to make a driveway.  I dug 20 tonnes of topsoil out and put 20 tonnes of hard-core and 5 tonnes of shillies back in, all done by hand, so I’m really proud of that and am looking forward to the next project.

How did you get started with A Chance for Life?

I saw a job advertised in the Cumberland News as a support worker and thought I’d apply.  At the time I was working in Scotland and commuting to my job over the border.   The job advertised appealed to me because it was different to my work at the time, I saw it as a new direction for myself whilst still remaining in the care sector which I loved.  I was pleased to be offered the job and that was over five years ago.

So, what will your new role be at A Chance for Life?

Assisting the care coordinator and supporting the support workers and clients.  The teams I will be most involved with are teams that don’t have a case manager and so they receive that extra support from myself and the care coordinator.  I will be involved in recruiting & inducting staff along with ensuring that all training needs are met and to help with supervision.  I will be a first point of contact for the teams I’m working with for any help and advice they may need.  I will also be working hands on with clients where required.  The role is new within the company and I understand the need to be flexible as I would imagine that the role will change over the next 12 months.

What makes you want to go to work?

Knowing that I’m helping both staff and clients the opportunity to develop is my main driving force.  I am excited and intrigued by this new role as no two days are the same, and the challenge of this keeps me motivated.

What makes A Chance for Life different?

I think that A Chance for Life is different because the company has a person centred approach to the client’s needs which I really value.  I also think that the support staff are supported well and are all known and valued within the company.  I find that the company operates and functions as a whole with all staff feeling included.

What are your top three tips for someone looking to get their hands on a job like yours?

  1. Be open to training and development
  2. Ask and enquire about opportunities
  3. Be honest