Protecting Our Environment

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We’re working hard to increase our impact on our clients whilst decreasing our impact on the environment. Here’s how:


Getting out to see our clients is an essential part of our work and it’s a requirement that’s only growing. Yet whilst we need to use transport, we only invest in environmentally friendly vehicles. All our cars are hybrids and, as technology and range improve, we continue to look for the right moment to switch to electric.


When we need to liaise with lawyers, insurers or the medical profession we look for opportunities to reduce our travel where we can. So if phone or video will enable us to get the job done just as effectively, we’ll use it.



We look to minimise the waste we create, by recycling:


The energy provider we use at our Head Office, Penrith, guarantees that 100% of the gas and electric we use on site comes from renewable resources.

We work carefully to manage the energy we buy and the energy we use through: