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Tailored programmes that help our clients rediscover their freedom, confidence and independence.

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Individually Tailored Therapy

A Chance for Life Occupational Therapists specialise in the treatment of people who have neurological disabilities or other complex conditions, such as amputations and spinal cord injuries. We provide expert assessment support to children, young people and adults by using goal directed, holistic, cost-efficient rehabilitation programmes that help clients recover their physical and cognitive skills, increasing their independence in their home and in their community.

We work with clients and their families to set short- and long-term goals and support their rehabilitation. We re-evaluate these goals with our clients and their families, to demonstrate progress every step of the way towards achieving their target goals.

We partner with the client as part of a wider team of professionals to ensure rehabilitation is a carefully coordinated success for the individual. We work with the client in school, work, specialist rehabilitation provision, in the community and in the home to support appropriate ways of living, studying and working.

For Adults

Rehabilitation and coping strategies for the present; practical support and rehabilitation to achieve a brighter future – that’s the dual strategy behind our occupational therapy work.

We support ability and help to minimise disability through rehabilitation programmes, provision of equipment and assistive devices. We offer advice and support on all aspects of daily living – at home, at work and in the community – to help our clients to get the most out of life.

Tom’s story – Regaining meaningful functional independence

For Children and Young People

Whether you have complex physical or mental health needs or maybe cognitive and behavioural difficulties, we support children and young people whatever their spectrum of needs.

We encourage the child, and those important to them, to become involved with imaginative, tailored therapies that could involve combining education, play and exploration of the environment. We work with you to build age-appropriate structured activities and routines to provide a feeling of safety and to support independence.

The role of Occupational Therapy

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Personal approach; professional yet friendly. My OT has been a key element to my recovery so far.  

OT Client

My Occupational Therapist talks to me, not at me and takes time to understand how I now think/act. Head injury and its secondary issues is a very new challenge but I have a great team that I trust.

OT Client